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I need I watch this show.

Gaah, what have I done? I think I broke Geen.


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►Shane McCutcheon | “I don’t feel like I have anything left to give…” 

• [HD; 720p] & headphones full on for the best experience ;)
Months of absence….but I finally had some free time these last two days and I managed to do this small edit. I had been wanting to do a video with this song since I first heard it, and who better to vid this song to other than the one and only Shane! 

The love I have for this character is pretty much undeniable!

Hope y’all Shane lovers out there enjoy this!

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►Emotions | Part 2 

• [HD; 720p] & headphones full on for the best experience ;)


So I decided to make part 2 :) Remember this video?


I made that video around the same time, last year. I couldn’t believe it, it’s already been a year :O That video meant a lot to me, I put my heart and soul into it, literally, so why not make another one?

I did the same in this one, don’t worry. The video is full of different emotions, name any kind, it’s probably in there.

Fear, Sadness, Joy, Anger, Trust, Anticipation, Surprise, Shock, Kindness, Disgust, Love….there’s quite a list! ;)

I hope al of you will enjoy this video, this is the last one for a while, cause I start school next week, and I doubt I will be making any new videos soon. But you never know, fingers crossed ;)


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Yvonne Strahovski By Fashion Photographer Joseph Chen

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P!nk’s alphabet

» N → Nate Ruess

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This burden came to me, and it’s made it’s home inside.
If I told you what I was,
would you turn your back on me?

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Jay Leno: Do you guys know each other?
Neil: We don’t.
Demi: But I hugged you like we did.
Neil: I liked it.
Demi: Thanks.